LOKADO is a community-driven local organization formed by members from Lokichoggio, Oropoi and Kakuma divisions in 2003. The major driving factor was to assist address the cross border violent conflict experienced among the Turkana pastoralist and their neighbours from Uganda and South Sudan. The cross border conflict that threatened peace, security and education system of the Turkana persons in the sub-county was the overriding wheel. All the effort of LOKADO was geared towards cross border peaceful co-existence. The organization operated as a CBO since 2007 when it was registered as an NGO with the same name Lokichoggio, Oropoi and Kakuma Development Organization. During this period, the organization had extended her activities to the entire county thus the need to re-brand to remain relevant in the county. Until May 2015, LOKADO re-branded the name to Lotus Kenya Action for Development Organization (LOKADO).

The organization has field offices in Lokipoto, Loreng, Oropoi and Nawountos and Satellite offices in Lokichoggio and Lodwar. The organization is managed by board of directors that form the Organizational General Assembly (comprising of patron, the chairman, the treasurer, Chief Executive Officer who represents the interests of the staff and the secretary general). The board meets twice a year. The general assembly provide leadership, guidance and supervision of the programmes and plans of action. The board as well lays down the policies for resource development and mobilization, staff recruitment, monitoring and evaluation of planned activities. The Assembly in consultations with the Board of Directors measure and establish the extent of performance of the executive through annual staff appraisal.


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